Preventive maintenance programs designed for Florida generator owners and 24-hour emergency generator service.

Ring Power offers Florida businesses, manaufacturing, and healthcare facilities 24-hour emergency generator service for all makes of power generation equipment and switchgear. We offer annual preventive maintenance programs for generators too. 

Equipment Management Solutions

A full complement of maintenance and repair programs, tailored to your power equipment and application and designed to increase your uptime while controlling your operating costs.
    • Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)
    • Preventive Maintenance (PM) Agreements
    • Total Maintenance & Repair (TM&R)
    • Generator Owner Protection Plans (GOPP)
    • Extended Service Coverage (ESC)

Advanced Electrical Services

Total power solutions, ranging from maintenance and testing to design and engineering services, that boost electric power system performance and minimize risk due to loss of production, regulations violations, lawsuits, personnel injuries, etc.
    • Infrared thermography
    • Circuit breaker maintenance and testing
    • Protective relay maintenance and testing
    • UPS maintenance and battery testing
    • Power quality analysis
    • System integration analysis
    • Emissions compliance, monitoring and record-keeping   

Load Bank Testing

To ensure that full power is there when needed, resistive and reactive load banks are deployed during routine maintenance procedures to test all types of electrical systems under full static or dynamic load.

Technical Analysis

Qualified technicians perform a 52-point inspection of the power system, including analysis of fluid samples and component testing. Used fluids and filters are disposed of properly in compliance with EPA regulations and a full report is provided upon completion of the inspection.

Rebuild & Recondition

Industrial generator rewinding services include upgrades, field services and inspections, generator assessments, measurements, testing, repairs and overhauls performed by factory-trained technicians on all makes and all models of generators.

Fuel Quality Assurance & Tank Maintenance

To reduce the chances of power failure due to fuel contamination and degradation, multi-year Customer Support Agreements (CSAs) cover regularly scheduled tank inspections, cleaning, fuel testing and monitoring. Ring Power's Fuel Quality Assurance Programs, a three-year fuel maintenance contract, satisfies NFPA standards and ASTM recommendations for long-term storage of distillate fuels.

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