Advanced Electrical Services

Advanced Electrical Services (AES)


AES is Advanced Electrical Services. And it's Ring Power's team of highly skilled and knowledgeable team members and skilled technicians working to keep your integrated systems online, and performing at peak efficiency.

Ring Power's AES is complete power solutions, ranging from maintenance and testing to design and engineering services, that boost electric power systems performance and minimize risk due to loss of production, regulation violations, lawsuits, or personnel injuries.

Advanced Electrical Services include:
• ATS, Switchgear, and Generator Controls Modernization and Upgrades
• Switchgear Station Battery Inspections
• Remote Monitoring, SCADA Systems, and Cat Connect
• Infared Scanning and Testing
• Switchgear Testing and Maintenance
• Transfer Switch Testing and Maintenance
• Motor Testing
• Troubleshooting and Repair
   – “Medium Voltage and Low-Voltage” Switchgear Controls
   – Circuit Breakers
   – Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

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