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Anybody can offer pre-owned and used power systems equipment. In fact, the Internet is flooded with thousands of independent dealers and brokers offering gensets, engines and power plant equipment.

The vast majority of those solicitors just list every product they find somewhere through on-line sources, Internet portals, or dealer publications and more often than not, equipment offerings are simply duplicated / copied from other brokers. In most instances, they don't even know the actual location of the equipment, who owns it, or any other important details about the products they try to solicit.

Additionally, in the past few years an increasing amount of equipment is offered though sources from a few developing countries. Most of those used engines and generator sets have been salvaged, by unskilled workers, from old, scrapped vessels that are dismantled at marine junk yards around the Indian Ocean.

That's not the way we do business. Our mission is to provide top quality pre-owned and surplus CATERPILLARĀ® equipment.  You can learn more about our quality by visting our quality page.

The importance of product quality in a competitive and demanding international marketplace cannot be understated. The equipment we offer complies with the highest quality standards. The focus on product quality begins at the time of equipment maintenance, inspection, reconditioning, or compete refurbishing/overhaul and continues until delivery to the final customer destination. We focus on CATĀ® dealer certified pre-owned equipment.

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