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Common questions about used generators, gensets and power systems

In this section we offer introductory answers to frequently asked questions about our company, used generator inventory, and our services. Click on a subject heading "question" below to view the answers relating to your selection. Should you have any further questions, please consult our CONTACT page.

Why are Pre-Owned Quality Power Systems generators a good alternative?

Ring Power Corporation enables you to invest in high quality pre-owned generators and gensets without spending the high full retail price for new generators. We are specialized in top quality pre-owned, reconditioned, re-manufactured, and unused surplus power generation equipment at up to 60% off the normal new retail price for brand new equipment, depending on age, condition and operating hours.

Why pay full price for new equipment and experience very long delivery times when you can get 1st class professional-quality reconditioned pre-owned and refurbished systems at up to 60% off? CAT® Certified Used Equipment is ideal for anyone looking for cost-effective ways to expand their power generation capacity or replace old equipment. It's a great opportunity to maximize your operational capabilities with minimal capital outlay.

Is Ring Power® an official Caterpillar® Factory Distributor?

Yes. Ring Power is an official distributor of Caterpillar generators. In fact we are one of the largest Caterpillar dealers in the world.

Furthermore, as one of Caterpillar 's leading power systems distributors worldwide, Ring Power provides power packages for a variety of land and offshore applications and specializes in the international distribution of top quality, pre-owned generator sets and power plants.

We are a large, financially strong, and reputable corporation, employing more than 2,000 highly qualified Caterpillar experts. Our customers expect us to deliver quality and reliability. It's easy to say you deliver, many companies say that, but saying it and doing it are two different things. Ring Power is doing it,.. and that has earned the Company tremendous loyalty on the part of customers served.

Are there other Advantages when buying Pre-Owned Surplus Power Generation Equipment?

It is cost-effective and usually available for immediate shipment. Individual units or complete power plants can be purchased immediately without long delivery times, often saving all costs for engineering procurement and many other startup costs related to brand new equipment.

Why is there such high demand for Pre-Owned Power Plant Equipment? Is it not easier to order brand new Equipment from the Factory?

This question can be answered easily by looking at the growth rate of productivity and GDP increase in newly industrializing and developing countries such as China, India, the Middle East, as well as several African, South American, and Eastern European countries.

These markets used their potential to evolve from traditional production techniques to those of highly developed industrial countries to an extent never seen before.

Additionally, an extremely high demand for fossil fuel has elevated the oil industries urgent need to expand their exploration, drilling, and production capacities. This calls for the immediate and sufficient availability of engines, generator sets and complete power plants to satisfy the energy demand. Serious customers all over the world are in urgent need of reliable and durable technology.

Engine and power generation equipment manufacturers are operating at their maximum production capacity. Long delivery times often combined with very high investment costs are leading buyers all over the world to seek efficient and cost saving alternatives. Top quality pre-owned equipment is the answer. Despite current economic difficulties in developed countries, this trend in the emerging markets and power generation sector will continue for many years to come.

Is there a quality difference for Pre-Owned Power Systems with equal specifications?

Yes there is a significant difference. The importance of product quality in a competitive and demanding international marketplace cannot be understated. Equipment offered by Ring Power complies with the highest quality standards.

The focus on product quality begins at the time of equipment maintenance, inspection, reconditioning, or complete refurbishing, and continues until delivery to the final customer destination. We focus on CAT® certified pre-owned equipment. The majority of used equipment offered by others on the market falls into a completely different quality category. Please visit OUR QUALITY page for more information.

Why buy a generator or power system from Ring Power?

RING POWER® is the most experienced CAT® pre-owned equipment remarketing specialist in the United States. Our expertise in overseas business development, remarketing and redistribution of CATERPILLAR® power systems, our in-depth know how of considering your local requirements, our skills in successfully completing international business transactions, and adapting to specific foreign product demands in global markets is unique, unparalleled, and unmatched within the CAT® power systems distribution network.

Proven results and many years of success, unmatched by anybody else, made RING POWER® the leading CAT® remarketing and international redistribution specialist.

Most importantly, our reputation as an honest, reliable and dependable CAT® used equipment exporter, has enabled us to experience a continuous repeat business from most of our international customers. You can depend on us. Please visit OUR ADVANTAGE and PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE page.

Why are you different compared to Independent Traders, Remarketers and Brokers?

Our specific experiences and our services in this special market segment are far superior to anything available from general list brokers and independent equipment traders. The "Traders and Brokers Sales Channel" typifies the "Middle Man" marketing approach applied by individuals or companies that are offering equipment they don't own as intermediary. Our mission is to remarket and to redistribute top quality and highly reliable used as well as unused surplus CAT® equipment directly to customers all over the world. We operate our own export department.

With this global in-depth industry and product knowledge, our international associations, as well as very unique export business experiences you can be assured of receiving the optimal value and customized solutions to satisfy your specific needs.

To ensure a competitive advantage on the global stage requires strong, sound and effective capabilities. A key ingredient of our success is a unique and truly global background, with genuine sales & marketing experience around the world. Our global reach is evident in more than just our physical business visits to more than 130 countries. Besides having more than 25 years of hands-on sales and negotiation experience in all those markets, everything we do is tailored towards the many markets in which we operate.

This multi-cultural business know-how, unique skills and true international perspectives distinguish us from our competitors. Our experience, skill and knowledge makes us more professional, more resilient and better able to navigate the complex and constantly changing global power systems business. Unlike the majority of independent traders, remarketers, and brokers, Ring Power is a global company in every sense of the word. We are unmatched in our global sales ability.

Do you actually own the generators and Power Plants you are offering?

Yes. We own the equipment offered by us. Our customers can be assured that they are dealing with a serious organization that's not just trying to sell equipment or power pants owned by others. Ring Power has millions of dollars worth of inventory in stock, ready for immediate delivery. Click here to learn more about the Ring Power Advantage and why you can buy from us in total confidence

How do I find out if You have what I am looking for?

If you know specifically the model number or type of equipment you are looking for, you can look into our EQUIPMENT category listings to find the product you are seeking. Our inventory is categorized with sub-categories making it very easy for you.

Should you still not be able to find the equipment you are looking for, simply e-mail us your requirements and we will be happy to respond quickly with quotations on any equipment we feel meets your application.

When you e-mail us, please be specific and detailed. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to reply with adequate proposals. Also, when you e-mail us, please don't forget to include your contact data, complete address, phone number, etc. as well as some information about you, your company and the project you are inquiring about.

Does Ring Power offer a warranty on their used generators and equipment?

Yes. Our remarketing process allows you to invest in high quality pre-owned equipment without having concerns. Unlike used equipment brokers and traders who sell their equipment "As Is" most Ring Power pre-owned equipment offered by us is CAT® certified and sold including warranty.

Click here to learn more about the Ring Power Advantage and why you can buy from us in total confidence.

Does Ring Power sell and deal in complete Power Plants?

Yes. Whether customers need a 1000kW generator set or a complete 70MW power plant, quality CAT® pre-owned, as well as unused surplus equipment is always a perfect solution, especially for fast-track projects. We offer complete services of modification, upgrading, packing, shipment, installation as well as the commissioning and start-up assistance. Should the circumstances dictate, we can also include regular service & maintenance, and other intangibles with our proposal to you.

Please note: Ring Power specializes in thermal power plant solutions (diesel, HFO, bi-fuel, natural gas, landfill bio-gas, including cogeneration), all based on reciprocating and rotating engine technology. We are not involved in coal, nuclear, hydro, or geothermal power plants. Furthermore, we don't act as an IPP (Independent Power Producer), BOT (Build Own Transfer), BOO (Build Own Operate), or EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction). We are an equipment and power plant supplier. Our focus is on providing power plant and power systems equipment and assistance with shipping and installation. Training can also be provided. IPP's, BOT's, and EPC's are our customers, and they buy from us.

I want to purchase a specific type of Power Plant, generator, genset, or engine but I am unsure how. I have very special technical requirements. Can you help?

We have engineering resources available, and in most instances we are in the position to recommend certain types of equipment that can be used for your specific needs, or suggest the most practical modifications necessary, as well as getting the product adaptations done in a timely manner. No matter what your application or specific environment, you need dependable, on-demand power generation systems that deliver. Count on us as your single source for expertise and reliable pre-owned CAT® power generation systems, backed by unmatched product support and service.

Finding a reliable partner to meet your special power generation solutions needs can prove exhausting. Especially if the equipment you need is "non standard". What if you could depend on a team of highly-knowledgeable individuals ready to expertly select power systems engineered to precisely match your application needs? Count on Ring Power to provide detailed know-how. In most instances, we may recommend a power plant or equipment which would fit your special requirements. When that does happen, the start up time is reduced dramatically and your financial savings are quite significant.

I am in urgent need for an energy or power generation solution. What I require is electrical energy within the shortest possible time frame, but I am no expert in the power industry. Even though I do have the funds available to invest in a Power Plant, we do not know where to start. Can you help us to solve our power problem?

We offer assistance with power plant project development, project acquisitions and plant ownership transition. With our extensive experience in global power project management, we assist in providing a total solution from A to Z, anywhere in the world.

I have a generator or Power Plant for sale, are you interested?

Absolutely! We are very interested to learn more about your equipment. By e-mailing us a detailed description of the equipment, or an inventory list of the power plant and some photographs, we will respond immediately with our ideas as to how best to maximize your return on this equipment. To maximize value recovery for our clients, we have developed diverse international markets for a wide array of power generation equipment types. We realize that today's organizations in all industries have challenging business and financial needs. Many companies do not have the resources to manage all the various activities associated with power plant equipment asset recovery, such as professional remarketing and global redistribution. Clients utilize us as a trusted service provider, who can readily accommodate their unique requirements.

I need to determine the value of some of my used power generation equipment. I am considering selling it. Can you help?

Within reason we would be happy to provide our estimate of value of used power generation equipment at no charge or obligation to you. Obviously, the more information we have, the more accurate our appraisal will be. Should the appraisal require a visit to your plant site, we charge a simple per diem fee plus travel expenses. We regularly do appraisals and inspections for individuals, companies, financial and accounting institutions, banks and leasing companies. We provide these services world wide.

Where are the generators or power genreation equipment located, and what are your terms of payment?

The majority of our equipment is located at our Ring Power headquarter facility in St. Augustine, FL, just a few miles south of Jacksonville, Florida. Our address is:

Ring Power Corporation
Power Systems Division
500 World Commerce Parkway
St. Augustine, FL, 32092, USA

All our prices are EXW (Ex Works / Ex Factory), INCO Terms are applicable. The nearest sea port is Jacksonville, FL, only approx. 20 miles north of our location. The other alternative port is Savannah, GA, approx. 140 miles north of Jacksonville. For South American destinations many of our customers are utilizing the port of Miami, FL.

In some cases, especially for larger HFO power pants, the equipment might still be located at the original location in the country where we purchased the power plant. In these instances we shall inform you accordingly.

Our standard payment conditions are as usual in the industry:

  • 20% Down Payment / Deposit at the time of purchase / order, by wire transfer to Ring Power's bank account.
  • 80% Balance Payment latest at the time of equipment pick-up / shipment, by wire transfer to our bank account.

We also accept LC (Letter of Credit) payments. However, LC's are only accepted if issued 100% in strict compliance with Ring Power LC terms & guidelines, as well as confirmed by a 1st class US bank acceptable to us. Please note, the buyer (LC Applicant) must always pay all LC cost, including all US bank confirmation and LC processing charges.

For all other or individual payment terms that might be agreeable, please contact us.

Can Ring Power Systems assist with International shipping & logistics of my generator purchase?

Yes, certainly we can. Our International Shipping Services take the mystery and guess work out of shipping power systems and equipment to and from other countries.

We manage the cross border processes and assist with customs procedures, organize documentation, and provide visibility to the movement of your equipment from origination to destination point. Whether your power generation equipment needs to be transported by ocean freight or air lifted, we know how to do it. Please visit OUR CAPABILITIES page to learn more.

I sent Ring Power an e-mail and did I not receive a reply?

Every day we handle hundreds of e-mails. Usually all e-mails sent through an official ISP (Internet Service Provider) like a phone/cable company, or other reputable provider in your country, arrive without any problems in our in-box (examples: name@t-mobile.net, or name@bt.net, or name@natelecom.net, etc.)

Also, if your company has its own official domain name (example: name@company.com), all e-mails usually arrive promptly in our inbox.

In case the above applies to you, and we have not replied to your e-mail message within 48 hours, we apologize. Your e-mail might have been quarantined by our spam filter system. We are searching our filter on a daily basis to identify possible legitimate mails.

Should you use HOTMAIL, YAHOO, GMAIL, AOL, or whatever free e-mail system might be available to you, messages are very often lost in cyberspace.

These free of charge e-mail accounts are highly unreliable and generally not recommended for business use. Unfortunately, the majority of internet fraud, scams, and e-mail spam is directly related to free e-mail accounts like HOTMAIL, YAHOO, GMAIL, AOL, etc. Business messages sent from such free e-mail providers are often automatically eliminated by sophisticated spam filters.

Should you experience a "no reply," please try using a different email address, or call or fax us directly.

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