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The global used generator market, especially the Internet, is flooded with offers from intermediaries and individuals who don't even own the generators they try to sell. Many of those offers look too good to be true. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is not genuine!

Quality Power Systems

While the initial cost of cheap power generation equipment looks attractive, you will find that the gemerators and engines often last only for a short while, in direct comparison with good quality equipment. You may find that you actually pay much more money in necessary repairs, maintenance and on early replacement, than you would have spent buying good quality power systems in the first place. The cost is not only reflected in the extra dollars you spend after the actual purchase, but also in the lost productivity and frustration that will follow.

Used Generator Warranty

When you buy power generation equipment, especially used or pre-owned, don't forget to compare warranty, quality certification, factory certified testing, overall condition, service history and who actually performed the work?

Who Owns the Generator?

Also, who actually owns the equipment, who holds the legal ownership title and has a lien search been done? Just imagine you pay for power plant equipment to somebody who pretends to be the owner, but in reality that individual or company has no legal ownership right or title. An impressive website is not enough.

Reputable Sales Organization

What really counts is the organization behind the website selling that used power system. Dealing with a serious, renowned and reputable company will eliminate your risk. At RING POWER® we treat technical and commercial issues equal as part of our overall quality policy.






Advantage of buying a Used Generator from Ring Power

  • CAT® Certified Used
  • CAT® Certified Rebuilt
  • RPC® Tested & Certified
  • PDI for all Equipment
  • Genuine Product Warranty
  • Worldwide Warranty Coverage
  • Verified Service History
  • Equipment owned by RING POWER Corporation
  • Direct Ownership Title Transfer is assured
  • No Risk and Transparent Payment Transactions
  • Professional Export Packing
  • Worldwide Shipment & Logistics Assistance
  • Export Documentation
  • Worldwide Installation & Project Management Service

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