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Convert Your Diesel Genset and Lower Your Operating Costs

Bi-fuel (NG+D) gensets are powered by a compression-ignited diesel engine that runs on the simultaneous combustion of diesel fuel and natural gas. Under normal operating conditions, bi-fuel gensets up to 800 kW can operate on 70% natural gas and 30% diesel fuel; larger gensets typically achieve a 50/50 mix.

After installing a bi-fuel conversion kit, a diesel engine is able to operate either on 100% diesel fuel, or on a mixture of diesel fuel and natural gas or other methane-based fuel.

Bi-fuel Technology Advantages

Lower Operating Cost
If the cost of diesel fuel is significantly higher than the cost of an equivalent quantity of natural gas, significant savings could result. In addition to saving on fuel, saving on engine maintenance may also help control your operating costs.

Lower Capital Investment per Kilowatt.
Natural gas generators typically cost up to twice as much as comparable diesel units. With bi-fuel conversion, you get the power of diesel and most of the benefits of natural gas operation for a price that is competitive with a diesel-only unit.

Reduced Emissions
Bi-fuel generators emit about 30% less nitrogen oxides and 50% less particulate matter than comparably sized diesel-only units.

Increased Fuel Efficiency
For each gallon of diesel fuel displaced during bi-fuel operation, an "equivalent gallon" of natural gas is consumed, resulting in the same net fuel burn vs. load as 100% diesel operation, and similar engine fuel efficiencies (based on 129,000 btu/gallon # 2 diesel vs. 930 btu/scf natural gas.)

 Control Unit Installed


Air/Gas Mixer


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