Contaminated fuel may cause emergency power system failure

Most emergency power system (EPS) failures are caused by contaminated or deteriorated fuel. Fuel goes through a natural process of degradation when stored, which is why the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends that steps be taken to maintain its integrity (NFPA Standard 110).  Maintaining a fresh supply of fuel for an EPS is not as difficult as it once was.  It is now possible to filter fuel and clean the tank simultaneously rather than emptying the tank completely and disposing of contaminated fuel.  Fuel additives may also be introduced to help stabilize the fuel.

Our Goal: To satisfy all Florida and federal requirements for Emergency Power Systems and to create a successful fuel management program by providing preventative maintenance.

  • Inspect/audit of fuel, fuel tank and equipment
  • In-tank visual audit & ASTM Clear & Bright test (samples)
  • Service all AST, UST, Sub-Base Tanks, Day Tanks
  • Service and maintain gauges & tank monitoring equipment
  • Third party lab analysis upon request
  • Fuel treatment/stabilizer/inhibitor


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