Protection Against Power Outages

From voltage sags and spikes to complete blackouts, power disturbances can cost your business. You pay the price in lost material, lost productivity, lost data and lost profits.

For power you can count on to keep you up and running, Caterpillar® UPS systems provide low-maintenance protection, keeping your power supply constant, whether it's running critical processes or safeguarding servers. With the lowest operating costs in the industry, it's continuous power for less. And when you invest in Cat® Uninterruptible Power Supply you invest in peace of mind - non-stop power is what we engineer and build for.

In addition to the environmental advantage over traditional battery-based UPS systems, Cat UPS systems offer a number of other features and benefits:

  • Seamless Transition Between Utility and Standby Power
  • Battery-Free
  • Up to 97% Efficiency
  • 75% Smaller Footprint
  • Conditions Power & Regulates Voltage

With so much on the line, the demand for quality power is on the rise. Contact Ring Power to learn more about UPS solutions. 



300 Series

Model  Range
UPS 300

300 kVA (240 ekW)

600G Series

Model  Range
UPS 600G 300 kVA (240 ekW) to 600 kVA (480 ekW)

750 Series

Model Range
UPS 750

300 kVA (240 ekW) to 1200 kVA (960 ekW)

1200Z Series

Model  Range
UPS 1200Z 300 kVA (240 ekW) to 1200 kVA (960 ekW)
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