For the standby, prime or continuous power your business or facility operations depend on, Ring Power has Caterpillar® diesel generator sets and natural gas generator sets that lead the industry in durability, reliability and efficiency, featuring:

  • Cat® engine power
  • A wide range of factory-designed options
  • Ease of specification, permitting, installation and testing
  • World-class fuel efficiency and low life-cycle costs
  • Excellent transient response and steady state performance
  • Emissions compliance with most worldwide regulations
  • Ring Power single source and turnkey support
  • A solid foundation for any fully integrated power system


Diesel Generator Sets

Caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of high-speed diesel generator sets and engines, with ratings from 12 kW to 17,460 kW. Ring Power offers:

Caterpillar 60 Hz Diesel Standby Gensets

Caterpillar 60 Hz Diesel Prime Gensets

Caterpillar 60 Hz Diesel Continuous Gensets


Gas Generator Sets

Caterpillar gas fueled gensets, rated from 85 kW to 8,150 kW, afford the flexibility to burn landfill methane, agricultural bio-gas, and natural gas. Ring Power offers:

Caterpillar 50 Hz Gas Continuous Gensets

Caterpillar 60 Hz Gas Standby Gensets

Caterpillar 60 Hz Gas Continuous Gensets


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