Reliable Load Transfer for Every Power Project

Choosing the right transfer switch for your backup power installation is as important as choosing the right generator. Ring Power offers a broad selection of Cat® Switchgear, Russelectric and ASCO automatic transfer switches (ATS) and switchgear, suitable for a variety of environments from residential, industrial, commerical and governmental to critical processes and life-safety applications.

  • Open Transition ATS for emergency, code-required and optional standby systems; resistive loads; small motor loads.
  • Closed Transition ATS for critical power, such as hospitals and data centers.
  • Delayed Transition ATS for inductive (motor) loads; recommended by some manufacturers of UPS and VFD equipment.
  • Bypass Isolation ATS for critical power and maintenance requirements.
  • Service Entrance Rated ATS fully rated and UL listed for use as "service entrance" equipment.

Switchgear to Mitigate Potential Power Outages

Ring Power offers switchgear from Cat Switchgear, Russelectric and ASCO for applications ranging from single standby/load management to multi-unit utility paralleling installations, including remote communication capabilities for monitoring and control. We can also custom-design a system to meet your site-specific requirements.

Cat XLM series switchgear supports transfer between the utility source and generator bus, as well as affording capability for parallel operation with the utility for load management applications. The EGP series supports paralleling on an isolated generator bus and is commonly used in prime power or emergency standby systems. The LM series supports single unit paralleling with utility for load management and peak shaving applications.

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